High School Curriculum

By the time Washington State students leave high school, they will:

  1. recognize landmark court decisions and legislation that affected and continue to affect tribal sovereignty;
  2. understand that tribal sovereignty protects tribes’ ways of life and the development of their nations;
  3. understand that tribal, state, and federal agencies often work together toward the same goal;
  4. explain the governmental structure of at least one tribe in their community; and
  5. distinguish between federally and non-federally recognized tribes.

United States History

1. Our Foundations

 Foundational Documents

2.  Industrialization and the Emergence of the United States as a World Power

 The Allotment Act

3.  Reform, Prosperity, and the Great Depression

 Indian Reorganization Act

4.  World War II, the Cold War, and International Relation

 Termination & Relocation

 5. Movements and Issues at Home

 Indian Civil Rights and Self-Determination

6. Entering a New Era

Nation-Building, Gaming, Self-governance


Contemporary World Problems

1. CWP-Human Rights

 Constitutional Issues: A Tribal Perspective

 2. CWP-Environmental Issues

 The Boldt Decision

 3. CWP-Globalization and the Economy

 The Hanford Nuclear Reservation and Its Effects

 4. CWP-Civic Action and Responsibility

Nation-Building and Taxation

STI Classroom-Based Assessment Guide

High School United States History


High School Contemporary World Problems

STI Unit

Corresponding CBA

STI Unit

Corresponding CBA

Our Foundations:  The Boldt Decision Constitutional Issues Human Rights Constitutional Issues
Industrialization:  Allotment Cultural Interactions Environmental Issues:  The Boldt Decision Constitutional Issues
Reform, Prosperity, and the Great Depression U.S. Foreign Policy Globalization and the Economy:  Hanford Cultural Interactions
World War II, the Cold War and International Relations U.S. Foreign Policy

Checks and Balances

Civic Action and Responsibility Government Revenue and Responsibility
Movements and Issues at Home Dig Deep    
Entering a New Era Constitutional Issues

You and the Economy