A list of upcoming STI curriculum trainings

With this new season has come the launching of the redesigned “Since Time Immemorial:  Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State” curriculum website!
I’m encouraging you to check it out!!  and share this amazing resource with others!!  www.indian-ed.org
Denny Hurtado’s “launching” message is attached providing a succinct history of the STI project.
Following is a list of upcoming STI curriculum trainings.  Please contact Joan Banker at the OSPI Office of Native Education at joan.banker@k12.wa.us or 360-725-6160 for additional information and registration.
October 12 (please register by October 8)
Hosted by Toppenish School District
Toppenish, WA
October 19 (please register by October 15)
Education Service District 113
Olympia, WA
October 26 (please register by October 22)
Hosted by Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
Kingston, WA
November 2 (please register by October 29)
Lummi – Site to be determined
Looking forward to our continued collaborations!
My best,
Laura Lynn, Ph.D.
OSPI Certified STI Trainer

new and improved “Since Time Immemorial”’

24 Sep 2012 2 Comments

We have launched our new and improved “Since Time Immemorial”’ Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State online curriculum website today. Please review this awesome site.


This effort started in 2003 at the first Tribal Education Summit with tribal leaders, educators and Washington State representatives held at the Quinault Reservation. Tribes met for two days to discuss issues around Indian education. The first day was meeting with then Governor Gary Locke, and the second day was meeting with Terry Bergeson, our former State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  At the close of the summit, it was clearly evident that tribes wanted curriculum about their history, culture, language and government. John McCoy, Representative, Washington State Legislature, pledged to get a bill passed to address these issues.  The bill, first introduced in 2004, did not pass; then in 2005 House Bill 1495 was passed by the legislature, encouraging school districts to partner with local tribes to start the development of their curriculum. It is now RCW:28A.320.170: 28A345.070.


In 2007 OSPI’s Office of Native Education launched an effort to develop tribal sovereignty curriculum for the state of Washington. This endeavor has been a true collaboration between many players in education, OSPI, Tribes, Washington State School Directors Association, Washington State Board of Education, Indian organizations, environmental organizations, institutions of higher education, and the Gates Foundation just to name a few.


The STI curriculum is web-based, free and easy to use.  It is aligned with our state standards, grade level expectations in social studies, curriculum based assessments, and (ELA) English language Arts standards. It is also in levels so that any teacher could use our curriculum and was developed to be integrated into existing content.  For example, in elementary school it can be integrated in social studies, in middle school it can be integrated with Washington State history, and in high school it can be integrated into U.S. History as well as contemporary world problems. There is also an amazing amount of resources to support the curriculum. In addition, we have trainers to help train your staff to use this unique curriculum.


On September 28th, 2012, Superintendent Randy Dorn will be sending a letter out encouraging schools to use our STI curriculum.

Common Core alignment process

STI is the first state curriculum to align to NCSS!  We are near completion in our Common Core alignment process.  Check out how STI can help support your Common Core work!

Redesign of website ready!

19 Jun 2012 1 Comment

Our new design of the Indian-Ed.org website is complete! We have listened to your feedback and made changes in response. Our curriculum is easier to access and use, the website easier to navigate around now, and we offer more helpful resources to our educators.

We look forward to your continued feedback. Comments can be posted below or feel free to contact us directly.

Our website redesign was a great group effort, including:

IT Support & Website Design

A Native owned IT consulting company.

James A. Parker of J. Alan Enterprises, LLC in Portland Oregon.

J. Alan Enterprises, LLC  is a Native owned IT company. The company relies on his experience in both the IT field and serving Native communities and small businesses.

Mr. Parker is an enrolled member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe in Montana. He has over 15 years experience in the IT field.

Contact: email: jparker@jaellc.net, Phone: 503.775.3570

websites: http://www.jaellc.net & http://parker-tech.net



Shana Brown, Lead Curriculum Writer and Developer, Seattle Public Schools

(Yakama descendant) is the principal writer for Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State, a groundbreaking state-tribal curriculum partnership overseen by the Sovereignty Curriculum Advisory Committee of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The project is the culmination of her educational vision for Indian and non-Indian communities alike.  Growing up on the Yakama reservation, Shana was not even aware that her tribe had a “History,” at least the kind taught in her school.  This egregious omission contributed to her shame and led to her lack of cultural identity and sense of belonging.  It was not until she went to college and began her career as a social studies and English teacher that she realized she was not alone in her experience and subsequently began her lifelong quest to right the wrongs of ignorance and complacency.