Contemporary Voices

28-minute documentary film, with 70-page teacher guide Suggested for High School Providing essential lessons about Native people and their unique perspective of the Lewis & Clark expedition both past and present.

Film (DVD)
Contemporary Voices takes you from the hills and plains of Kansas to the mouth of the Columbia River, exploring the traditions, histories and cultures of 13 separate tribes. Told through the voices of 26 descendants of tribal people who encountered Lewis and Clark, this DVD is an excellent tool for bringing the world of Native people into the classroom.

Instructions & Study Guide

Native Voices DVDs w/Teacher Guides Series – User Instructions

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Adobe Presenter allows for download of the Native Voices DVD supplemental matierals. Materials include Teacher Guide, Quicktime movie of each chapter, maps, activities and more

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* In order to fully utilize the DVD series as an educational resource please see our quick user instructions that will help you navigate the Adobe Presentations of the Native Voices DVD series.


Guide features: Pre and Post-Viewing activities help orient students to historical and cultural concepts, new vocabulary, and geography of the region. Essential Questions serve to deepen student understanding of the material covered. This educational resource provides an engaging approach to learning that integrates geography, social studies, critical literacy, and science into your curriculum, as well as bringing contemporary issues related to tribal sovereignty, treaty rights, and cultural sustainability into the classroom. Correlations to content standards are provided. Each chapter-ed section contains features designed to facilitate student understanding of the topics and themes, along with suggested activities. These features include: * Key Concepts * Vocabulary * Geographical Places * Essential Questions * Transcript Text (corresponding with the DVD) An extensive bibliography of recommended readings by topic is included in an Appendix, as are the National and State Content Standards fulfilled by the DVD/guide. Maps and supplemental material Included are two reference base maps of the region, treaty excerpts, and other supplementary documents for use in classroom activities.