Long Before We Were Born

35-minute DVD, with 75-page teacher guide Suggested for 2nd – 3rd grades Exploring the concept of community by comparing the ways we meet our basic needs today with the ways different tribal groups met them long ago. DVD In this 35-minute documentary film, 23 individuals from 14 tribal nations across the Great Plains and Pacific Northwest regions share their knowledge of how people lived before modern conveniences. The topics explored include food and water, shelter, staying warm, money, transportation, and communication — all within the context of the “natural community.” The final chapter of the film includes a S’Klallam story told by Elaine Grinnell (Jamestown S’Klallam).

Instructions & Study Guide

Native Voices DVDs w/Teacher Guides Series – User Instructions

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Guide features: This 75-page guide is designed to expand on main themes presented in the film by providing Pre- and Post-Viewing activities supplemented by maps, charts and templates. Blackline masters and instructions are included. These activities serve to enhance and integrate understanding of tribal geography, relationship to the environment, nutrition, economics, travel/transportation, symbolic communication, and oral tradition. Each chaptered section contains features designed to facilitate student understanding of the topics and themes, along with suggested activities. These features include: * Key Concepts * Vocabulary / Spelling * Geographical Places * Plants & Animals * Oral Tradition * Essential Questions * Transcript Text of DVD narrative Supplemental Maps & Materials * Geographical Base Map of the Northwest * Northwest Tribal Homeland Territories Map * Map of Tribal Locations in America * Trade Cards activity materials for Lewis & Clark, Wishram & Nez Perce