Talking Without Words in the Old West

20-minute DVD, with 59-page teacher guide Suggested for 5th – 6th grades Drawing from a wealth of historical resources, viewers learn about the challenges people face when communicating with people who speak another language. DVD In this 20-minute DVD, tribal educators and elders share their knowledge of various forms of non-verbal communication. Through the use of glyphs and symbols, smoke signals, and Plains Indian Sign Language, this film explores how non-verbal communication was essential to the relationships and interactions between different tribal groups, and between Indian people and European travelers, traders and explorers who later came into tribal territories.

Instructions & Study Guide

Native Voices DVDs w/Teacher Guides Series – User Instructions

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Adobe Presenter allows for download of the Native Voices DVD supplemental matierals. Materials include Teacher Guide, Quicktime movie of each chapter, maps, activities and more

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 * In order to fully utilize the DVD series as an educational resource please see our quick user instructions that will help you navigate the Adobe Presentations of the Native Voices DVD series.

 Guide features: Designed to extend and expand the main themes introduced in the film, this guide includes a diversity of activities and supplemental materials: Pre- and Post-Viewing Activities are combined with primary and secondary documents to provide history-driven Language Arts and Geography lessons. Blackline masters and instructions are included. This educational resource integrates geography, social studies, critical literacy, science, as well as contemporary legal issues related to tribal sovereignty, water rights, and resource management into your curriculum. Correlations to content standards are provided. Each chaptered section contains features designed to facilitate student understanding of the topics and themes, along with suggested activities. These features include: * Key Concepts * Vocabulary * Geographical Places * People * Essential Questions * Transcript Text (corresponding with the DVD) Maps and supplemental material Included as supplemental material are three full color maps in tabloid size: one historical and two contemporary. The maps correspond with the area covered in the material. There is also a seasonal round template.